Must Have Items for Flying

While you probably know the basic necessities for having an enjoyable flight (ear buds, a blanket, chewing gym, etc.), there are still some items that might make your time inflight even better.

  1. Queasy Pops
    Helps those who get nauseous in an airplane.
  2. Colgate Wisps
    Disposable toothbrushes that require zero water.
  3. Power case
    Many planes now have outlets on them, but for the ones that still don’t, having a phone case that moonlights as a battery pack will help keep you juiced up.
  4. Dry Shampoo
    Nothing freshens up your hair after a long flight quite like some dry shampoo.
  5. Zip & Flip Headrest
    For those that don’t want to walk around with headrests, these kind look like an unsuspecting stuffed animal.
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